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Khermen tsav (Dinosaur Lands) in South Gobi desert - Nomads’ culture tour - 11 days

Mongolia is one of the world’s most important countries for paleontology with the discovery of 40 species of dinosaurs. Some of the best dinosaur exhibits in the world are in the Natural History Museum in Ulaanbaatar. Not only complete dinosaur skeletons but the world’s best collection of dinosaur eggs and their amazing nests are found in the museum. These displays will satisfy some visitors but there are more dinosaur remains in other institutes and in some regional province museums. The Mongolian Gobi Desert is one of the most unique, untouched and mysterious places on earth. The Gobi Desert was once an ancient inland sea bottom and nowadays is a wonderful paleontological treasure chest of fossilized dinosaur bones and eggs. The most famous dinosaur exploration sites of Central Asia, Khermen Tsav (dinosaur’s native land), Nemegt (great place to see dinosaur fossils as well as huge foot prints), Bayanzag or Flaming Cliffs (where the first dinosaur eggs were found) Naran Daats and Zulganai oasis are in the Mongolian Gobi. All the above popular dinosaur remains sites, the massive sand dunes of Khongor, the Gobi icy canyon of Yoliin Am, the incredible ancient sea bottom of the White Stupas, the Gobi`s hospitable nomadic family to experiencing their nomadic way of the life and unforgettable featured activities are included in this wonderful tour. Check below for the complete tour itinerary and let’s travel together to the Mongolian Dinosaur Lands for an unforgettable adventure of discovery!



Today we will drive to one of Mongolia’s great natural beauties, Tsagaan Suvarga “White Stupas”. These colorful cliffs were part of an ancient sea bottom millions of years ago. Nowadays it is a natural wonder with fantastic color combinations. Walk through Tsagaan Suvarga and enjoy the fantastic views. Good spot to get picture of sun set, sun rise and night stars with these colorful cliffs. (Ger camp / L, D)

Today we will drive south to “Yoliin Am” Strictly Protected Area Bearded Eagle Canyon. Yoliin Am is a strictly protected area since 1965 and it is located in the Gobi Three Beauties National Park. Yoliin Am is famous for its high & narrow canyons, frozen summer stream and wild life such as bearded eagles, wild Argali sheep, ibex, and snow leopard. The stream remains frozen even in July, the hottest month of the year. Visit a natural museum of the Gobi Three Beauties National Park and enjoy the picturesque Bearded Eagle Canyon, its wildlife and frozen summer stream. (Ger camp/ B, L, D) 

Today we will drive west to beautiful Khongor Sand Dunes. Khongor is one of the largest sand dunes in Mongolia with heights reaching 300 meters and extending from northwest to southeast over 180 km. The place is famous for its magnificent huge sand dunes, “Singing Dune”, Green Oasis and beautiful sunsets. Visit a hospitable camel breeder’s family and learn basic information about Mongolians’ traditional nomadic way of the life. Climb the highest, the Singing Dune, and enjoy the ultimate amazing view of the dunes and the Green Oasis from the top. Enjoy the wonderful Gobi orange sunset in the evening. (Ger camp/ B, L, D)

After breakfast we will drive to Nemegt. On the way we will see beautiful natural landscapes and the red sand cliffs of Tsonj Hollow. This place is one of the famous places of dinosaur fossils and bones. Free time for walking and exploring the area. (Tents/ B, L, D)

Drive to the beautiful Khermen Tsav via Naran Daats. Narandaats is an oasis and remains of ancient animals were found in this area. Have a break in Naran Daats and continue driving to Dinosaur’s Native Land “Khermen Tsav”. Khermen Tsav is one of the most famous dinosaur fossil sites in Mongolia. It is a huge hollow of over 250 square km and 100-200 meters deep. This place has not been well studied yet and there are plenty of opportunities to study and explore dinosaur remains. The rich dinosaur skeleton and egg displays of Mongolian Natural History Museum were found in this area. (Tents/ B, L, D)

Today we will visit to beautiful Gobi Oasis “Zulganai”. Zulganai has a beautiful river and a dense forest of cane and willow. Visit Zulganai oasis and enjoy the natural beauty. (Tents/ B, L, D

After breakfast we will drive back to the Khongor sand dunes and visit a hospitable camel breeder’s family. In the next morning here you will have an opportunity to have camel riding on your own if you like. Walk to the Green Oasis and “Cool Spring”. Enjoy taking pictures and admire the Gobi beauty at “Khongor” Sand Dunes. (Ger camp/ B, L, D)

After lunch we will drive to Bayanzag “Flaming cliffs”. This place is famous for its dinosaur fossils, eggs and the special Gobi tree, the “saxaul”. In 1922 American explorer Roy Chapmen Andrews and his expedition members found the first dinosaur eggs as well as numerous fossil skeletons of dinosaurs that lived 70-80 million years ago. Visit the Flaming Cliffs. Walk in the Gobi “saxaul” forest and enjoy its natural beauty. (Ger camp/ B, L, D)

Today we will visit to nomadic family, learn about the basic nomadic way of the life in Gobi region. Feel free to ask any questions about their way of life. Do other daily activities. Play traditional Mongolian game, have traditional Mongolian meal and help the family: milk goat, make dairy products: curd, cheese, butter, yogurt in summer and autumn. Herd their livestock to pasture or collect and herd them back home. Do or help with any of these activities you choose. Stay overnight with family in a traditional Mongolian dwelling, the Ger.  (Ger nomadic family/ B.L.D)

Today we will drive northeast to the beautiful Baga Gazariin Chuluu local protected area. Visit the some spots in Baga Gazariin Chuluu: a temple ruin used by Buddhist monks, a hole with Holy Water for the eyes and a small cave. Walk over pretty rocky granite hills to admire the natural beauty. (B, L)

We truly hope this would be the most amazing trip to meet nice and hospital local nomad people and be in beautiful wild nature and become memorable and unforgettable tour for your life.

Included in the price:

  • Experienced driver and 4WD minivan with fuel
  • English speaking  tour guide
  • Accommodation during the trip
  • Entrance fees for the museums & National Park
  • All meals during the trip (B.L.D)
  • Drinking water
  • Camel riding /optional/
  • Camping equipment

Excluded in the price:

  • Alcoholic drinks
  • Snacks
  • Personal items
  • Extra and optional activities’ cost
  • Travel insurance
  • International Airfare/train ticket
  • Accommodation in Ulaanbaatar

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